Oriental BBQ Night
  • 01 Mar 2020
  • By: Hotel Himalaya

Oriental BBQ Night

One of the pleasant comments from our last week’s guest
“Was there for the first time…can’t wait to come back!
Amazing job by chef and service people. We tasted the best barbeque ever completed with red wine and plateful of salad. It was not just the food but pleasant vibe around from happy people. Loved everything.”
We planned to host our BBQ event just for a week but overwhelmed with the response, Oriental BBQ night got extended to every Friday continuously. Close your eyes and savor the flavor of amazing platters to get transformed into a different world of real taste. We are sure, Friday BBQ at Hotel Himalaya is going to be one place one place that you are going to be leaving with a huge smile on your face.
We believe old school for our cooking technique
Our heartful BBQ begins with genuine Terai jungle logs. Then the meat is hand rubbed by the pitmasters with a custom blend of spices and cooked with special technique to extract the natural flavors. Obviously, we source the highest quality meat and season with freshest ingredients.